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Epic road trips not far from Toronto

You are holidaying in Toronto and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It may be a great idea to take a quick and fun filled trip on a road that is not much frequented by a heavy traffic. How about checking out a few great options for enjoying one of the unique road trips ever? Let us check out a few perfect road trips that you would find unique in their own way.

Toronto to Hamilton

The city of Hamilton is located just around one hour’s drive from Toronto. The trendy port city can be your best bet for the classic architecture and a cultural establishment. The natural beauty here should be what would make it one of the excellent options ever. It should be one of the perfect short and fun trips that you would enjoy like never before.

Toronto to the Bruce Peninsula

If you are interested in natural parks, the Bruce Peninsula National Park is just around three-hour journey from Toronto. You would definitely find the trip quite worthy of it. Located between Georgian Bay and Lake Huron, the park provides you access to stunning natural beauty at its best. The fresh air, water vistas and rock formations are a few attractions that you would fall in love with if you are a nature lover.

Toronto to Stratford

About an hour and a half drive from Toronto, Stratford is a great wholesome town that you would find quite lovable. The location is known for the live music and theatre. If you are into culture and art, the road trip from Toronto to Stratford should be a great option ever. The Stratford festival season should be one of the excellent options that you would find quite unique in every possible way.

toronto party bus

Toronto to Caledon

A 47 minutes journey from Toronto, Caledon a great option for a hidden gem in the backyard of the Toronto city. The venue has plenty of options to do and see here. The Be fountain Conservation Area is one of the unique destinations in the region. The fountain and suspension bridge are a few of the great attractions that you would find here. It can be your best bet for a relaxing afternoon. The local farmers market I yet another great attraction here.

Kingston and the Thousand Islands

The Kingston and the Thousand Islands is a three-hour journey from Toronto. The city has a rich history and you would find that it should be a great option by almost every count. You can even indulge in a variety of fun family activity options.

Well, if you are looking for the best options for an enjoyable experience ever with those road trips, it can be a great option only if you have hired the right transportation options. We would recommend you to opt for the Toronto Party Bus for an enhanced degree of experience ever. Go with the best options available at your disposal and enjoy your road trips like never before.