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The best day trips from Toronto to Niagara falls

If you are a large group and have a plan to visit the Niagara Falls or the attractions around it, one of the best options would be to hire a party bus in Toronto. In case you have planned a tour and unsure about what or which would be the best day trip between Niagara Falls and Toronto, we preset the best options available at your disposal.

Stop 1- Niagara on the Lake

The first stop that we would recommend on your trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls would be to visit Niagara on the Lake. The historic town has a lot of attractions and a wide range of other allied entertainment options as well. It is one of the oldest settlements in Canada that dates back to 1781. The high street called Main Street is one of the prime attractions here.

Stop 2 – Wine country

The countryside scenery here should leave you spellbound. The fields upon fields should perhaps be something that you would enjoy like nothing else. A wide range of wineries will leave you wanting for more. You would indeed lose count of how many wineries are located here. You would also be impressed with the fabulous mansions associated with the winery owners.

Stop 3 – Smallest chapel in the world

The smallest chapel in the world that you would find here should perhaps be yet another unique options en-route your Toronto Niagara Falls trip. There are no services held at this chapel, but the venue is used for activities such as weddings and they are specifically held in the summer.

Stop 4 -Wine tasting

Wine tasting is yet another great activity in Niagara Falls region. You can find a wide range of options here for the best in class wine tasting. The signature Ice-wine is what would further make it a truly formidable option. The tropical fruity taste and the sweeter experience can perhaps be one of the best choices that you would find a great option in almost every sense of the word.

Stop 5 – The floral clock

This can be your best choice for a comfortable break. That can definitely make it a proper choice after all that wine you might have tasted. Built in 1950, the venue is inspired by the flower clock in Edinburgh, Scotland. It has over 15,000 bedding plants planted twice a year and it chimes every 15 minutes.

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Stop 6 – The Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is, of course, the prime destination on this route that you would never want to miss out on. One of the iconic natural wonders of the world, the falls is visible on both American and Canadian sides. Also called the honeymoon capital of Canada, it does provide you with a very unique vibe that you would cherish for a longer time to come.

Well, that was one simple option to help you in planning trips from Toronto to Niagara Falls. There are several other routes that can prove to be unique in their own right, and you can get in touch with your service provider to find the right one that meets your expectations.