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Fun ways to spend in Toronto

Toronto is definitely the favourite city for almost every one among us. There is a valid reason for that as well. The city offers you a huge number of attractions that would ideally make it a prominent option ever. We thought of exploring a few fun ways to explore Toronto and enjoy what the city has on offer in a very unique and excellent way.

The edge walks on the CN Tower

The CN Tower is one of the most unique destinations in Toronto and it has definitely been something a tourist to Toronto would not want to miss out on. The edge walk on the CN Tower should be one of the most unique experiences ever in its own way. It can be the best adventure trip that you would ever want to check out. In fact, it should be one of the unique challenges that you would look to engage in.

Move to the patio at Bar Reyna

Located at the Cumberland Street, Bar Reyna is one of the unique destinations to have fun like never before. It should be your best bet for the perfect and tasty Mediterranean delicacies. One of the unique options at the restaurant should be the Lebanese tacos. It can be more fun to visit the location in the evening as you would find it a great option to enjoy the performances by live bands and singers.

Enjoy the dessert at the Dessert Kitchen

Yet another great way to have fun weekend in Toronto can bee to head to the Dessert Kitchen and enjoy a host of delicacies to your heart’s content. The venue is located at the Harbord Street. It should be one of the unique options for a great weekend if you have sweet tooth. You can enjoy a host of delicacies that would include Taiwanese shaved Ice. Chinese deserts and milk tea. It can be a lovely place to have a stopover.

Limo Bus Toronto

The salt cave meditation

The Himalayan Salt Cave that’s in the heart of Toronto is yet another great option to meditate. It can double up as your sole destination if you are feeling a little disturbed due to the jet lag. The venue has six tonnes of salt which can have a relaxation effect on your body and help you reduce stress to a greater extent. It can be one of the more unique experiences to have in Toronto if you are a fun-loving person.

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